Outback Queensland Travel Guide

Outback accommodation, Outback activities and attractions, Outback maps, transportation to and around Outback - the ALL NEW Jasons Outback Destination Travel Guide is your complete visitor guide for the Outback.

Queensland's Outback is a region that encompasses vast, unpopulated landscapes, remote towns, the mythology of Aboriginal tribes and the folklore of European explorers and pioneers. Extending north from the New South Wales-Queensland border almost all the way to the Gulf Country, the vast Outback offers amazing diversity from its spectacular landscapes to its tangible history and the many colourful characters of the Australian bush. These people, who live in complete harmony with their timeless land and whose hospitality is warm and generous, are part of the attraction of visiting the Outback.

The fully sealed Matilda Highway is one of the main thoroughfares for travellers in the Outback, connecting Cunnamulla in the south with Karumba in the north. This highway has interpretive signs to help you identify places of historic, cultural and geographic interest. The many fascinating national parks, interpretive centres and fossil remains are evidence that the Outback is indeed a landscape where dinosaurs once roamed.