Sydney from Observatory Hill, The Rocks Visit Sydney and enjoy the cosmopolitan atmosphere and world renowned sights of this wonderful city. With one of the prettiest, and busiest harbors in the world, there are many hundreds of coves, beaches, and harbor access points to enjoy recreational fishing and water sports.

The pristine beaches along the coast from Woollongong south and north through Sydney to Palm Beach rival the best in the world for surfing, water sports, and fishing. The Central Coast and South Coast beaches are just one hour's drive away. Travel to Sydney and discover this beautiful Australian region.


The history of Sydney is virtually the early European history of Australia. European settlement dates back to 1788 when the first fleet of convicts and their keepers arrived at Botany Bay to the south of Sydney. A lack of fresh water sent them further north where they discovered Sydney Cove, named after Lord Sydney who was then the Home Secretary of England. They settled in this area, and later dropped the word Cove, and the area became known as Sydney.